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Self-Learning Prioritization


Social Alerts System


Message Approval Workflow


Business Hours for Analytics

Every company is different, and so are their social customer service strategies.

A unique Priority Response Engine analyses your historic interactions with customers and prioritizes messages which are most likely to need a response.

When issues begin to escalate on social media, it doesn't mean you have a crisis on your hands.

Social Alerts detects any unusual activity and lets you know right away, so you're able to organise a response at the soonest possible moment.

Expand social engagement to the contact center risk-free.

Fluid approval workflow allows agents to work seamlessly, while managers stay in control. Regulate all messages for training or vet a proportion for quality control, with custom settings to suit your team. 

How do you know when you're really delivering on your promises for great service?

Review your team's performance in line with real working patterns, and get a truly accurate picture of response times against SLAs.

Goodbye clutter

  • Prioritization on your terms
  • Adpatation to your evolving strategy
  • Unique to every company

Goodbye crises

  • Activity monitoring
  • Alerts for volume spikes and attention-worthy messages.
  • Fast internal collaboration to deliver a response

Goodbye bottlenecks

  • Complete security and audit
  • Training support through rejection 'reasons'
  • Email notifications for quick action

Goodbye vanity metrics

  • Accurate response time data
  • Identify pitfalls to meet SLAs
  • Benchmark responses to make resourcing decisions